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Dublin Ohio is Popular for its Beautiful Homes

Dublin Ohio is Popular for its Beautiful Homes

Dublin is a small piece of central Ohio known for its modest and humble feel, but it is also very well known for the amazing architecture of the homes and buildings within the center of the city.

The city of Dublin is full of safe neighborhoods and several great public parks. There are also a lot of community events to help you get to know your neighbors and take on some of the amazing community pride. It is no surprise that so many people search to live in Dublin.

The Homes of Indian WoodsDublin Ohio is Popular for its Beautiful Homes...

What First-Time Buyer Help is Available?

If you are a first-time home buyer you may be finding it difficult to purchase a home right now. If you are, you are not alone. This could be due to the fact that home prices have increased greatly and interest rates are expected to rise. It could be due to the very difficult competition of buyers who have larger sums of cash from the sale of a previous home, or that they are investors.

But there is a way to get into a home right now as a first-time buyer. Of course, you want an expert agent working on your behalf, but beyond that, there are several programs out there designed to help first-time buyers get into homes.

What First-Time Buyer Programs are Available Right Now?What First-Time Home Buyer Help is Available

Down payment assistance...

Buying a Home with Future Plans for a Family

Buying a Home with Future Plans for a Family

It is a great idea that before you start home shopping you sit down and list out what you would like to have, what you need to have, and what you dream of having in this home with every person that will be living there. But beyond that, it should be taken into consideration how long you plan to be in the home and what life changes you hope will happen during that time.

No life plan is ever completely 100% perfectly laid out and comes to fruition, but if you plan to start your family in this home, there are many things that you will want to consider in your next home purchase.

Here are some great features that you may want to look for in a home while raising a young...

Tips for Purchasing Townhomes in 2022

Tips for Purchasing Townhomes in 2022

Second to the purchase of a single-family detached home, is the popularity of a townhouse. The National Association of Realtors finds that townhomes are second in demand amongst buyers across the country and are very popular with homebuyers under the age of 30.

Purchasing a townhome can be similar to the purchase of a traditional single-family home, but it can also be different. There are some differences between the property types that you will want to be knowledgeable of when shopping for a townhome.

Here are some good things to know when you are shopping for a townhouse

The definition of a townhouse

There are several types of properties that can be mistaken for a townhouse but when it comes down to it the definition...

Dropping Private Mortgage Insurance

If you plan to purchase a house with less than a 20% down payment for a mortgage your mortgage lender will most likely tack on the extra cost of requiring you to carry private mortgage insurance as a standard precaution.

As your home grows in value it could be possible to drop this required private mortgage insurance. But when does private mortgage insurance go away? Exactly when can you drop it?Dropping Private Mortgage Insurance

Whether the mortgage qualifies for this insurance removal will depend upon factors like how much is still owed on your current mortgage balance and how dependable your payment history has been.

Home equity is rising at a very rapid pace. In the third quarter of 2021 reports from CoreLogic show that homeowners with mortgages averaged an equity...

Relocating to Lewis Center Ohio

Lewis Center is a small and unique farm town with a lot of character in central Ohio located in Orange Township which is an area of Delaware county. Officially it is an unincorporated community and the population is around 30,000.Relocating to Lewis Center Ohio

Though it is small, it is a neighbor to the community of Africa, Ohio and home to shopping centers and retail stores that are mostly nestled together along Route 23. The Olentangy River is a fun source of outdoor recreation just outside of Lewis Center.

Lewis Center provides a calm and quiet suburb/rural/ farmland atmosphere. It is a peaceful oasis not too far removed from the hustle and bustle of Columbus Ohio.

History of Lewis Center...

Preparing for Appraisal When Selling a Home

Preparing for Appraisal When Selling a Home

You are in the final stretch of closing on the sale of your home. You have approved an offer and set a move-out date, now it is time for the buyer’s due diligence. One of the items in the due diligence process is the lender’s mandatory appraisal.

Here is a seller’s “cheat sheet” to help an appraisal go more smoothly

Understand the Process

The lender is usually the one requiring the appointment to be made for an official appraisal to be conducted by a licensed appraiser. The appraiser will conduct an in-person valuation of the property.

The appraiser conducts their valuation by using local comparable sales and a visit to the property to check out a premade list of external and internal...

Tips for Surviving a Neighbor's Renovation Project

Tips for Surviving a Neighbor's Renovation Project

Since the beginning of the pandemic, a record number of homeowners have taken on home renovations either in the hopes of turning their current house into a dream home that they want to spend a lot of time in or for the purpose of getting the best return on investment and highest profit possible from the sale of their home.

When a neighbor decides to renovate their house, it can mean that you are living with constant clinking and banging from construction projects on the house next door. Construction can be a loud and even dirty process that can bring several disruptions to the peace and quiet of the neighborhood.

Here are some survival tactics to help you through the inevitable noise and mess that carries over from...

Merion is a Hot Spot of Great Local Restaurants

Merion Village is a neighborhood of Columbus Ohio with several great local businesses and restaurants that have some of the best food in central Ohio.

Here are some of the favorite local restaurants that Merion has to offer.

Merion is a Hot Spot of Great Local Restaurants

Nursery Lane Baking Company

If you are looking for one of the best sweet treat places in the area this is it. This bakery features the most amazing cakes and pastries in the village. Many of the decorations on the baked goods feature floral themes. Flowers are a love of the owner Lauren.

If you are someone who loves a great Instagram-worthy treat this is the place...

A Clutter-Free Approach to Unpacking a New Home

A Clutter-Free Approach to Unpacking a New Home

Moving to a new home is a perfect opportunity to de-clutter your belongings. It is a great time to dump off all of the unneeded stuff and not have to haul it into a new home. The very best time to get rid of items you no longer use or need is while you are packing, but unpacking can be another great opportunity to edit your belongings even further.

Using the unpacking process to de-clutter can come in handy if you needed to pack in a frenzy and move things quickly. It could also be a strategy if you hired someone else to do the packing and moving for you.

Here are some tips for de-cluttering your life while unpacking after moving into your new home

Unpack one room and start with the essentials